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Front Row: Harley Vandenberg, Bodie Human, Brendan Kleindel, Jack Doolittle, Tanner Hope, Isaac Beilner
Middle Row: Preston King, Trevor Abitia, Cory Warner, Marcos VanderVeen, Rylan Severson,
Grant VanderYacht, Ben Libolt, Devin Holmstrom, Carter Parcher
Back Row: Jordan Holmstrom, Dillon Geleynse, James Marsh, Jacob Kettels, Trevin Hope,
Cole Marlowe, Jared House, Dawson Ohligschlager.

It is our program’s philosophy that the values and ideals of participating in athletics can teach a young man life lessons. Teaching an athlete the values of hardwork, following directions, being on time, building a foundation of fundamentals, teamwork, support, overcoming odds, obstacles, and adversities, and doing more than one thought capable are the hallmarks of our program. We believe you, too, will be proud of our program and the things we are teaching the student athletes at Lynden High School. These young men will be our future leaders. The characteristics we are teaching our student athletes today will lead our community in setting standards for tomorrow’s youth.    

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